Your questions

What does datasecure cost?+

millenoki’s datasecure is absolutely free.

How does datasecure work?+

When you sign up for the datasecure service you will be asked to install the app (the personal control panel).  This will configure a secure VPN connection to our servers which protects all of your data.  You will need to give permission for this on your phone.  See our "How it works" page for more informaion.

What devices does datasecure work on?+

millenoki datasecure works on all Android devices running Android versions 4 and above.  We will soon be launching on Apple iPhones.

Does datasecure work when I am roaming (out of the country)?+

Yes. datasecure is the ideal data tracking and protection tool when you are roaming, protecting and securing your mobile network data wherever you are.

Do I have to do anything to get datasecure to work?+

No. datasecure is designed to help protect and secure your mobile data without having to change the way you use your device. Once installed on your device the datasecure app and the VPN will work for you in the background and you can use your phone or tablet as normal. Open up the datasecure app if you want to check your data usage or change any of your settings.

How do I get in contact with you about datasecure?+

If you have any questions or comments let us know. Send an email to support@datasecure-app.com or use our support forum.

Why is my language not supported?+

datasecure is currently only available in UK and US English; other languages may be available in future releases.